Alzheimer's Partnership Raffle Results Announced

The results are in from the Alzheimer's Partnership Raffle and Alzheimer's Northern Ireland Raffle. Congratulations to the winners who are listed below and thank you to everyone who entered the draw. 

Alzheimer’s Partnership Raffle 2012

1ST PRIZE WINNER £5000 Ms Pinfold, Clacton on Sea

2ND PRIZE WINNER £1000 Mrs Bradnam, Northampton

1/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Pollard, Newcastle

2/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Urquhart, Glasgow

3/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Thornton, Manchester

4/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Allister

5/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Henson, Northampton

6/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Pearson, Swansea

7/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Robinson, Peterborough

8/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Williams, Birmingham

9/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Parsons, Southampton

10/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Marriott, Chester

Alzheimer’s Northern Ireland Raffle 2012

1ST PRIZE WINNER £2000 Ms Douglas, Belfast

2ND PRIZE WINNER £500 Miss Patterson, Belfast

1/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mr Quinn, Belfast

2/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Dennison, Belfast

3/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs Murray, Belfast

4/10 RUNNER UP £25 Ms Peel

5/10 RUNNER UP £25 Mrs O’Neill, Belfast

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