Alzheimer’s Society Tesco Abseil

Alzheimer's Society are looking for 60 brave participants to abseil down the National Lift Tower in Northampton on 4 February 2012. We will be taking over the massive structure for a day as part of our Leap Year Challenge to raise money for people with dementia. 

At 400 feet tall The National Lift Tower is thought to be the tallest permanent abseil structure in the world so this really is a fantastic opportunity to take part in an amazing experience.

We wanted to end the partnership in style but this is going to be a bit special. Have you got what it takes?

You don't need any previous training or skills - just the courage to do something a little bit daring to help us beat dementia.

Places are limited so do be quick!

For more information on the event and how to go about signing up, call us on the Tesco hotline 0845 678 7678 or email

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